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Written by Di Nash

Introductory Balint  Half Day Workshop 31st October Christchurch

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Saturday 31 October 2020, 9.30am to 1pm

This half-day workshop offers an introductory experience of Balint group work for doctors, therapists and caring professionals. Balint groups provide opportunity for clinicians to reflect together upon difficult or intriguing cases, with a focus on the relationship between the doctor or caring professional and the people they work with. The clear structure of the Balint method provides a safe and supportive group setting to reflect on the clinician’s everyday practice.

In Balint groups members are strongly discouraged from making judgements, giving advice, or offering solutions; the case is ‘worked’ in a different way. Case presentations are done from memory with emphasis on the experience of being with the client and what uncertainties/discomforts the presenter experiences. Group members are asked to speculate about what might be going on for the presenter, their patient/client and their relationship. Creative possibilities however ‘seemingly irrational’ are encouraged. The presenter is trusted to make their own sense of the material that emerges. Speculating like this, away from the intensity of the professional interaction enables emotions to be felt and new perspectives to emerge. New ideas and hope can be generated along with greater interest in seeing the person/people again.

Balint groups help professionals:

  • Recognize they are not alone in having challenging interactions with patients
  • Develop increased understanding and empathy for patients
  • Develop increased understanding and empathy for themselves
  • Explore how feelings and thoughts affect the doctor-patient relationship
  • Expand their capacity and repertoire for handling difficult situations with patients
  • Support each other in learning from experience
  • Reduce professional fatigue and isolation

Balint Workshop Facilitators:

Dr Ali Begg, General Practitioner, Accredited Balint Group Leader.
Andrew Gresham, Reg. Psychotherapist, Accredited Balint Group Leader.
Jayne Hubble, Reg. Psychotherapist, Accredited Balint Group Leader.

There will be 1-3 groups depending on enrollments. Groups will have up to 8 participants. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Fee: $180.00 incl. GST. (non-refundable). Morning tea will be provided.

Venue: Dept of Public Health & General Practice,

             University of Otago,
            14 Gloucester St, Christchurch.

Ample car parking available on site.

Ali Begg    Ph: 021 556 708

Andrew Gresham  Ph: 02102455006 

Jayne Hubble Ph:: 021 150 5169

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