Balint Weaving 2021: Balint Group Work in Times of Change

Written by Hilary Ash

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Zoom workshops are free for BSANZ financial members | $40 for non-members who have experience of Balint groups.


ARTWORK: Heather Shawe (Wiradjuri) ‘The Beauty of Being’ 2019, Raffia
This artwork was created through The Torch, a not for profit organisation, that provides art, cultural and arts industry support to Indigenous offenders and ex- offenders in Victoria.

A range of interactive meetings on Zoom & face-to-face Presented by BSANZ, July to November 2021

First Session

Saturday 10th July, 10 – 11:30 am AEST | 8 – 9:30 am WAST | noon – 1:30 pm NZST

Diversity in Balint Group Work

This session will invite discussion to encourage learning from our challenges and our differences, and the opportunities and inspiration that diversity can provide.


Ruth Dunn is a BSANZ Leader Trainer, and undertook many roles during her 16 years on the Board of the BSANZ. She is a Melbourne psychologist with a Gestalt background, and is passionate about her work with Aboriginal students. Ruth currently leads five Balint groups.

Frank Meumann is a BSANZ Leader Trainer, and is a past president of the BSANZ. He is a general practitioner and Senior Medical Educator with General Practice Training Tasmania. He has done presentations and workshops at IBF congresses, and currently leads three Balint groups.

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From 24th January 2021, BSANZ will continue to offer monthly facilitated conversations via Zoom. The meetings, to support Medical Practitioners, are at 10am AEST (8am in WA, 9.30am Central Australia, noon in NZ). See here for information about how to join –

Balint Weaving: Exploring Balint Group Work and Leadership

Balint Weaving: Exploring Balint Group Work and Leadership

Balint Weaving: Exploring Balint Group Work and Leadership. A series of five monthly interactive seminars on Zoom. Presented by BSANZ, July to November 2020. No fee for current members l $40 per seminar for non-members