Balint Groups Online for Medical Students

 Balint Groups Online for Medical Students

Opportunities for confidential discussion & reflection

We are now offering online clinical reflection groups for medical students in recognition of the complexities of training and the need for personal care. These groups are being offered at no cost for interested medical students.

What can a Balint Group offer?

Opportunities to share and reflect on experiences of clinical work and training
Outlets for anxieties and frustrations from observing the reality of clinical practice
Greater understanding and appreciation of the complexity of medical work
Support through collegial sharing In-depth discussion about the nuances of the doctor/patient relationship Protection from disillusionment and burn-out.

What is a Balint Group?

Balint Group work is a particular method of clinical reflection, originating in the UK after WWII to support doctors working with patients and families who were experiencing personal and social trauma. The Balint Group concept has evolved to support doctors in all branches of medicine and now includes other health professionals. An advantage of the online format is that students from different universities can meet to share their learning experiences.

What happens in a Balint Group?

Usually, two clinical situations or ‘cases’ are presented informally for 5-10 minutes. Cases often resonate with other students. For each case, the group is encouraged to respond and reflect on the patient, the interaction with the student, and the clinical context including other staff. Students usually feel affirmed and validated after presenting a case. Each group will have two leaders, one a medical doctor and the other a psychotherapist.

Where and when?

These groups will be held via Zoom on a weekday evening for six consecutive weeks. Each session will be an hour in length. The exact dates of the first two groups will be confirmed shortly, possibly commencing in August 2020.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining an online Balint Group as part of this initiative, please
contact Meredith Waugh who will welcome your enquiries and further questions.
Email: Phone: +61 7 408 400 847

Group leaders

Dr Hamish Wilson is a GP in Dunedin, New Zealand and has been running Balint Groups
and other reflective groups for medical students and clinicians since 2010.
Dr Daniel Brass is a psychiatrist in Melbourne, mainly working in private practice but also
involved in medical student and psychiatry training.
Chel Quinn is a psychotherapist in private practice in Brisbane. She is the President of the Balint Society and is currently leading both face-to-face and online Balint Groups.
Meredith Waugh is a psychotherapist from the Gold Coast, in the field of child & youth mental health.

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