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You will find:

  • our Special Pandemic Crisis Response Project, offering low cost online groups for a limited time
  • online groups with leaders in both Australia and New Zealand
  • face-to-face groups in both countries
  • groups for professionals outside our core clinician community.

Do take your time to explore the options available. We advise you to contact group leaders to make a time to meet with one or both of them online or in person to check if a group you are looking at joining is a good fit for you.
You will find that some leaders indicate readiness to form new groups in response to need and interest.
If you are seeking a taster or introductory Balint Group workshop for your practice, organisation, student cohort, or professional association, please email the Admin Secretary.

You will see that some groups include a note about Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN) support. The MHPN is an Australian Government initiative to encourage multidisciplinary networks of professionals working in mental health areas. Groups registered with MHPN may claim a small amount of funding assistance. Further, when the coordinator provides attendance listings, MHPN emails attendance certificates to participants. These can assist claims for CPD/CME points.

NOTES to Leaders:

• Please ensure you update the Admin Secretary with information about your groups for 2021.
• If you would like more information about MHPN and your group’s eligibility for registration, contact Trish Clarke

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